ABB Motors on their way to your site anywhere in UK within 30 minutes of your call, day or night, Guaranteed!

Quantum Controls has partnered with Carousel Logistics, one of the UK’s leading logistics companies, to provide UK Industry with instant access to ABB Motors any time, day or night. There are currently over 10,000,000 electric motors keeping UK industrial processes running. All engineers live with the constant threat of motor failure stopping manufacturing processes, leading […]

Did you know that 16% of motor failures are due to external factors?

Here are the reasons why: 1. Motor operating temperature The industry standard for LV motor insulation systems is class F, with a limit on temperature rise of class B. Other insulation systems offering higher levels of protection are available. Tips: Ensure that the cooling systems of the motor are suitably maintained. Broken fans, clogged vents […]

What is Overall Equipment Effectiveness and how to calculate it?

The Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) measures the manufacturing productivity by indicating the degree to which a manufacturing plant is truly productive. It can be used to monitor the efficiency of the manufacturing processes and help to identify areas for improvement. This metric allows the identification of losses, benchmarking progress and improving the productivity of the […]

Did you know that 16% of motor breakdowns are caused by a stator winding failure?

Here are the reasons why: 1. Over Heating The cooler the motor operates, the longer its expected life… A 10°C reduction in operating temperature typically doubles the motors lifetime. Excessive starts are a major cause of over-heating. During a non-VSD start-up a motor typically sees between 6 to 8 times its rated current. This increases […]

Bearing Failure – The Facts

Motors don’t fail just because of age or operating hours. 51% of failures are bearing related. And here are the reasons why: 1. Insufficient lubrication Re-greasable bearings need regular maintenance… don’t fit and forget. For example: TECHNICAL – Insufficient Lubrication Refer to the manufacturer operation and maintenance annual for specific re-lubrication intervals for your motor. […]

Take your motor failure rate to zero in 2019

The technology is now available that can totally prevent electric motor failures, saving you tens of thousands of pounds in lost production and costly motor rewinds and repair. Find out how you can get ownership back of your maintenance budget.     We will be hosting this presentation at Quantum Controls Head Office in Prudhoe, […]

Instant 24/7 Access to UK’s largest Motor Stock

We have been the leading supplier of ABB Motors in the UK for many years and we recognise that there is a universal problem in getting a suitable motor to site quickly when you’re faced with costly downtime, or when you need it for an urgent project. As a result, we have invested in a solution […]

3 Easy Steps to stop Bearing Current Failures with Drives

How to deal with persistent bearing currents On rare occasions, operators in the process industry may note that their low voltage motors experience a current flowing through the motor bearings, especially when they are used with a variable speed drive (VSD). Left unchecked, these bearing currents will inevitably result in premature failure. Two new approaches can eliminate […]