What is Overall Equipment Effectiveness and how to calculate it?

The Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) measures the manufacturing productivity by indicating the degree to which a manufacturing plant is truly productive. It can be used to monitor the efficiency of the manufacturing processes and help to identify areas for improvement. This metric allows the identification of losses, benchmarking progress and improving the productivity of the […]

Take your motor failure rate to zero in 2019

The technology is now available that can totally prevent electric motor failures, saving you tens of thousands of pounds in lost production and costly motor rewinds and repair. Find out how you can get ownership back of your maintenance budget.     We will be hosting this presentation at Quantum Controls Head Office in Prudhoe, […]

How can I calculate energy efficiency savings for drives?

Electric motor driven systems comprise a massive 40% of the world’s total electricity consumption, and 65% here in the UK. But many businesses are unaware of the technologies available to them which have the potential to significantly reduce their energy costs, and in turn the global and UK demand for electricity by a staggering 20% […]

Why you must use Variable Speed Drives in pumping applications!

Did you know 90% of the total cost of owning a pump comes from energy consumption? Pumping applications represent a significant opportunity for applying variable speed drives (VSDs) in new, as well as retrofit installations. The majority of pumping applications need to be controlled. It is unlikely that a pump will run continuously at a maximum […]

The 10 Essential Secrets to Variable Speed Drive Optimisation

  Understand Your Installed Base An initial on site assessment should be carried out by a qualified Drive Service Engineer, they should log the drive location, part numbers, specification and maintenance status and criticality to the process or application for the future maintenance planning   Preventative Maintenance Schedule As the level of criticality of your […]