The ‘Easy’ Way to specify your Variable Speed Drives

So you’d like to buy a new Variable Speed Drive (VSD)? Finding the correct VSD or motor controller can be a fairly daunting task as there are many variables with each application and system. However, below are some helpful tips and suggestions to help you select the right drive. Hopefully, the mystery becomes less complex as you […]

What cable should I use when installing Variable Speed Drives?

Four-core cables Many installers prefer using four-core cable, as this is the traditional way for many installations and also because it provides an element of convenience, with the earth lead already included within the cable sheath. However, when earthing a drive system, two aspects need to be considered – personal protection and EMC. The protective […]

Are Your Switch Rooms Full to Bursting Point?

Electrical switch room were historically designed to house large Motor Control Centres with DOL / Star Delta motor starters. With the process and energy benefits Variable Speed Drives delivers the motor starter retrofit market is bigger than the new drive application UK market. But this is a problem as the drives are bigger and take […]

What you should take into consideration when choosing Motor Cables for Variable Speed Drives

The motor cable for a PWM variable speed drive can have some unexpected effects. In this Blog Post you can find some special considerations which are needed when choosing and installing a motor cable for a VSD. Current rating The steady-state loaded motor current is not appreciably changed by using a VSD with the motor. […]

What is Overall Equipment Effectiveness and how to calculate it?

The Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) measures the manufacturing productivity by indicating the degree to which a manufacturing plant is truly productive. It can be used to monitor the efficiency of the manufacturing processes and help to identify areas for improvement. This metric allows the identification of losses, benchmarking progress and improving the productivity of the […]

Introducing the New Commander Series

Control Techniques, part of the Nidec group of companies, has announced the return of its Commander family of drives. The Commander series are simple and compact AC motor speed controllers that meet advanced requirements in a wide range of applications. Their small footprint – among the smallest in their class – makes them ideal for […]

UK’s Leading Variable Speed Drive Repair

Our DriveCare Repair Services can offer: Repair available for all makes of Variable Speed Drives 12 month warranty included for all repaired drives Speedy turn-around – within 24 hours if needed Not just repaired – fully restored Load tested – certificates issued Fully qualified drive engineers carrying out repairs Installation and commissioning service available An […]

Introducing Innovative New Features in Drives – Schneider Electric

Most modern drives have features incorporated as standard that can provide huge benefits to the user. In this new monthly feature from Quantum Controls, the UK’s leading independent supplier of Drives Services, we introduce to you the very best features from all major manufacturers. Schneider VSD’s now measure energy consumption, efficiency and performance and can […]