True 24/7 Technical Support

Normal Working Hours do not align to 24-hour manufacturing operations, 66% of the time your process is running most offices are closed. Most ‘Drives’ companies claim to offer 24-hour tech support, but with only one or two engineers who have a mobile with them for you to call. The fact is that it is impossible […]

Instant Access to your own Drive Asset History

At any time, day or night, you will be able to log into our bespoke Customer Portal and Job Management System, using your own unique user-name and password. This Asset Management system will is available on your smartphone, tablet or PC, making it accessible anywhere.     The dashboard will give you access to the […]

Instant 24/7 Access to UK’s largest Motor Stock

We have been the leading supplier of ABB Motors in the UK for many years and we recognise that there is a universal problem in getting a suitable motor to site quickly when you’re faced with costly downtime, or when you need it for an urgent project. As a result, we have invested in a solution […]

All Warranty Issues handled with Drive Warranty+ by Quantum

The Problem All Drive Manufacturers offer a global product warranty and a standard warranty for 37kW and below drives is a non repair policy. If your drive fails, the Manufacturer will request a PO from you before doing anything. They will then request the damaged drive to be shipped back to their Repair Facility for […]