What cable should I use when installing Variable Speed Drives?

Four-core cables Many installers prefer using four-core cable, as this is the traditional way for many installations and also because it provides an element of convenience, with the earth lead already included within the cable sheath. However, when earthing a drive system, two aspects need to be considered – personal protection and EMC. The protective […]

ABB Motors on their way to your site anywhere in UK within 30 minutes of your call, day or night, Guaranteed!

Quantum Controls has partnered with Carousel Logistics, one of the UK’s leading logistics companies, to provide UK Industry with instant access to ABB Motors any time, day or night. There are currently over 10,000,000 electric motors keeping UK industrial processes running. All engineers live with the constant threat of motor failure stopping manufacturing processes, leading […]

Are Your Switch Rooms Full to Bursting Point?

Electrical switch room were historically designed to house large Motor Control Centres with DOL / Star Delta motor starters. With the process and energy benefits Variable Speed Drives delivers the motor starter retrofit market is bigger than the new drive application UK market. But this is a problem as the drives are bigger and take […]