Aiming For Zero Downtime

Few things can damage the financial stability of a manufacturing facility more than unexpected downtime. On average, manufacturers suffer with 30% or more downtime during their scheduled production time. In some industries, such as automotive assembly, downtime can cost up to £17,000 per minute (a mind-blowing £1 million an hour). Some unplanned downtime may be […]

Monitoring The Health Of Plant Machinery

Health monitoring or condition monitoring has been used for many years on machines and plant where the cost of an outage is high. It can allow failures to be anticipated and maintenance or repairs to be scheduled for the least loss of production, as well as avoiding unnecessary periodic maintenance. It can be as simple as […]

What you should take into consideration when choosing Motor Cables for Variable Speed Drives

The motor cable for a PWM variable speed drive can have some unexpected effects. In this Blog Post you can find some special considerations which are needed when choosing and installing a motor cable for a VSD. Current rating The steady-state loaded motor current is not appreciably changed by using a VSD with the motor. […]

Join the team at Quantum!

Here are a list of our current vacancies at Quantum, if you would like more information on any of the roles, feel free to email us at or give us a call on 01661 836 566. We are always on the look out for excellent Drive Service Engineers to cover our Contract Customers across […]

Drives and Machine Safety

According to a commonly consulted hierarchy of controls, people’s safety in the workplace is dependent on various types of protective measure. The most effective of these is classed as hazard removal – obviously enough. At the other end of the scale is the wearing of personal protective equipment. Midway between the two lies the field of engineering controls – the design or […]