Bearing Failure – The Facts

Motors don’t fail just because of age or operating hours. 51% of failures are bearing related. And here are the reasons why: 1. Insufficient lubrication Re-greasable bearings need regular maintenance… don’t fit and forget. For example: TECHNICAL – Insufficient Lubrication Refer to the manufacturer operation and maintenance annual for specific re-lubrication intervals for your motor. […]

ABB ACS550 & ACH550 Drives are now Obsolete

The ACS550 and ACH550 ABB Drives are no longer being manufactured and are now in the obsolete stage of their life cycle, with the respective 580 Drives being their direct replacement. Due to that transition, ABB Helsinki factory production lines for the ACH550 and ACS550 have now closed, they have been converted and modernised to […]

How to correctly set up a VSD?

A Variable Speed Drive controls motor speed and torque by varying the motor input voltage and frequency. A very close match between motor speed and the output requirements of the machine it is driving may therefore be achieved. Variable Speed Drives offer the user a number of advantages including: Energy savings Elimination of expensive mechanical […]

Take your motor failure rate to zero in 2019

The technology is now available that can totally prevent electric motor failures, saving you tens of thousands of pounds in lost production and costly motor rewinds and repair. Find out how you can get ownership back of your maintenance budget.     We will be hosting this presentation at Quantum Controls Head Office in Prudhoe, […]