Power failure: What does a drive do when power dips?

Public electricity supplies are generally reliable, but they do suffer disturbances. Obviously a total loss of supply results in all electrical equipment stopping, unless it has a backup supply such as a UPS and/or backup generator connected. When the power returns the equipment re-starts from the off state in the way it was designed to […]

How can I calculate energy efficiency savings for drives?

Electric motor driven systems comprise a massive 40% of the world’s total electricity consumption, and 65% here in the UK. But many businesses are unaware of the technologies available to them which have the potential to significantly reduce their energy costs, and in turn the global and UK demand for electricity by a staggering 20% […]

Four-core cables – Why these should be avoided in drive installations?

Many installers prefer using four-core cable, as this is the traditional way for many installations and also because it provides an element of convenience, with the earth lead already included within the cable sheath. However, when earthing a drive system, two aspects need to be considered – personal protection and EMC. The protective earth exists […]

True 24/7 Technical Support

Normal Working Hours do not align to 24-hour manufacturing operations, 66% of the time your process is running most offices are closed. Most ‘Drives’ companies claim to offer 24-hour tech support, but with only one or two engineers who have a mobile with them for you to call. The fact is that it is impossible […]