Seven Steps that Save Engineers Lives

The pressure on Todays Busy Engineers has never been higher to continuously improve process performance and reduce costly downtime due to equipment failure. Delivery on KPI’s is vital but nothing is more important than understanding how to work safely, here are the 7 easy steps to always apply.   As an example of electrical safety […]

3 Easy Steps to stop Bearing Current Failures with Drives

How to deal with persistent bearing currents On rare occasions, operators in the process industry may note that their low voltage motors experience a current flowing through the motor bearings, especially when they are used with a variable speed drive (VSD). Left unchecked, these bearing currents will inevitably result in premature failure. Two new approaches can eliminate […]

All your drive needs taken care of, for less than the price of a cup of coffee a day.

There are over 10,000,000 motors installed in the UK with over 50% of them controlled by variable speed drives, that percentage increase to a staggering 92% on critical drive applications. Today’s modern drives have on average over 1000 different parameters that can bet set by the user to exactly match your process. Modern drives have […]

Quantum wins prestigious ‘Best ABB Drive Service Provider’ from Global 100 of 2018

We are delighted to win this award, our constant drive to always exceed our customers’ expectations in every aspect of our business has led to our growth and success. Winning awards like this is important for our staff and our clients, it enables them to feel assured they are working for and contributing to a […]

Prepare yourself and your machines for the winter conditions!

Cold weather can affect outdoor work in a variety of ways, but the work needs to get done regardless of the elements. Without the right personal protective equipment, working outside in the cold can be uncomfortable or even hazardous. In addition to proper training and safe working conditions, the proper protective equipment can help your […]

What happens when the problem goes beyond the drive application?

Last month we had a callout to a utility customer who had an ABB low harmonic 315kw VSD fail on short circuit failure, this was in the early hours of a Sunday morning and the failure was beyond an onsite repair due to the extent of the damage. So we were on site and installing a hire […]