What are the most common motor load types?

5 most common motor load types // Load profile (speed range, torque and power) Certain load types are characteristic in the industrial world. Knowing the load profile (speed range, torque and power) is essential when selecting a suitable motor and variable speed drive  for the application. Some common load types are shown below. There may […]

How do you diagnose a potential harmonics related problem?

4 steps to diagnose a potential harmonics related problem // If a plant engineer suspects that he might have a harmonics related problem, the following steps can easily be performed as an initial investigation into potential problems: Step 1 Look for symptoms of harmonics as listed in Table 1 below. If one or more of […]

What are the main reasons for the loss of efficiency of rewound motors?

Approximately 300,000 motors are rewound in the UK every year, with an average rating of about 12 kW, so the efficiency of rewound motors is extremely important. The loss in efficiency on rewinding depends on the techniques, processes and skill used to perform the rewind, and is usually between 1 and 2%. The reasons for […]