Who can implement a motor efficiency improvement program?

Survey your motors. Gather nameplate information and obtain field measurements (voltage, amperage, power factor, operating speed) under typical operating conditions. Initially focus on motors that exceed minimum size and operating duration criteria. Typical selection criteria include: Three-phase NEMA design B motor Non-specialty motor 10 to 600 kW At least 2000 hours per year of operation […]

Who was Nikola Tesla?

The Rocky Road to Success. The Genius of Nikola Tesla Born in Croatia in 1856 to an illiterate mother and a priest, Nikola Tesla was no doubt a genius.  At college he showed how he could perform integral calculus in his head, prompting his teachers to accuse him of cheating. During his first year at […]

Why is improving motor efficiency important?

Over 70% electrical energy consumed by industry in the UK is used by electric motors. Improving the efficiency of electric motors and the equipment they drive can save energy, reduce operating costs, and improve our nation’s productivity. Energy efficiency should be a major consideration when you purchase or rewind a motor. The annual energy cost […]

Can I run a 230V, 3Ph motor with 230V, 1Ph input?

Yes. Quantum Controls is pleased to announce that ABB have the solution to run most 230V, 3Ph motors with only 230V, 1Ph input! Call us on 01661 835 566 for more information. If you have any technical questions or queries please contact us on 0330 9000 247 or alternatively via email: sales@quantum-controls.co.uk

Should I rewind or replace a failed motor?

Although failed motors can usually be rewound, it is often worthwhile to replace a damaged motor with a new energy-efficient model to save energy and improve reliability. When you are calculating operating costs for rewound motors, deduct one efficiency point for motors exceeding 40 HP and two points for smaller motors. Have motors rewound only […]

What is a line reactor and what will it do for my application?

A line reactor is an impedance device. Its benefits are reduction of drive cross talk, and interference. Input reactors will limit the waveform distortion and harmonic voltages. This will help to improve the power factor due to a reduction of the RMS currents in the system. Output reactors are generally good up to 100 feet is […]

Can I convert my DC Drive application to an AC Drive?

Yes, you can convert your DC drive system; to an AC drive system by replacing both the motor and the drive. Consideration must be given for the torque and speed range of the DC motor, when converting to AC. If you have any technical questions or queries please contact us on 0330 9000 247 or […]