Who can install and commission a new drive during a drive/plant breakdown?

Captain Q travels at the speed of light to get you back up and running with same day delivery on hire drives – compared with a typical four week lead time for some purchased drives.  Meaning the hire drive is delivered, installed and commissioning within hours. If you have any technical questions or queries please […]

Can you advise what basic maintenance I should be doing on my Variable Speed Drives?

By integrating some simple, logical steps into your preventative maintenance program you can ensure that your drives provide many years of trouble free operation when done in conjunction with the manufacturers service recommendations A Quick Overview A VSD (Variable Speed Drive)controls the speed, torque and direction of an AC Induction motor. It takes fixed voltage […]

Can a variable frequency drive replace a Soft Start?

Yes, a variable frequency drive can replace a soft start starter, since most drives give you a current limiting ramp to start and stop your motor. BUT, if you do not need to vary the production speed of your motor, then the soft start starter may still be the correct product for the application. This […]

Do you have a case study that shows energy savings when switching from DC to AC Motor Driven Systems?

Quantum Controls have delivered huge energy savings by replacing DC systems with AC variable speed drive and AC motor combinations on dozens of successful projects. In most cases, the efficiency of the AC motor and drive package compared to that of DC system results in savings of approximately 25% on average as well as maintenance […]

What is the difference between a VSD and a Soft Start Starter?

The difference is the speed that the motor can run, when at full speed. With a soft start starter, the motor is reduced voltage started, and then when the motor is at full speed, or a timing circuit has timed out, a “running by-pass contactor” pulls in and the motor continues to run at full […]

Will a variable frequency drive or variable speed drive save me money?

Yes, the AC drive can save you money on operating costs, when the load and motor speed can be varied. By reducing the speed of the motor, you will consume less energy, which will reduce your electric bill. This is due to the effects of the Cube Law. See our video for the full explanation […]

How can I reduce downtime due to Variable Speed Drive breakdown?

Never fear – Captain Q is here! A hire drive contract with Quantum Controls will ensure your plant continues running to its full capacity.  In the event of a pump, fan, compressor or conveyor application, amongst others, Captain Q will speedily fly in a variable speed drive.  Our qualified engineers will install and configure the […]

What are the benefits of cutting carbon emissions?

Cut Carbon emissions and your company can achieve energy reductions and enjoy an enhanced business reputation as well as considerable operating cost reductions.  Other business benefits include satisfied and motivated employees and stake holders, the ability to proactively manage regulatory compliance and competitive leadership through planning new business innovations.  Captain Q and Quantum Controls can […]

What are the benefits of hiring Variable Speed Drives?

Potential users of variable speed drives can test a drive out and see first-hand the energy and CO2 saving benefits before committing to an outright purchase. In the event of a breakdown Quantum can supply and install a hire drive and have your plant back up and running in a matter of hours minimising downtime […]