What are the benefits of cutting carbon emissions?

Cut Carbon emissions and your company can achieve energy reductions and enjoy an enhanced business reputation.  Other business benefits include satisfied and motivated employees and stake holders, the ability to proactively manage regulatory compliance and competitive leadership through planning new business innovations. Captain Q and Quantum Controls can identify these potential savings by doing an […]

What maintenance do you recommend for variable speed drives?

All Drive manufacturers recommend regular preventive maintenance of AC drives throughout their lifetime to ensure maximum availability, minimum unplanned repair costs. With apt and timely performed preventive maintenance reliability of drives can be ensured and lifetime extended. Drive preventive maintenance consists of annual drive inspections and component replacements according to product specific maintenance schedules. Drive […]

How much electricity consumed by industry is consumed by electrical motors?

Captain Q is shocked to report that two thirds of electricity, nearly 70% of electricity consumed by industry, is used by electrical motors in the UK.  With this in mind Captain Q is on a mission to save energy, saving your business money at the same time.  To find out more check out how you […]

Why is improving motor efficiency important?

With over half of all electrical energy consumed in the United States used by electric motors, Captain Q is determined to achieve a more energy efficient industry. Improving the efficiency of electric motors and the equipment they drive can save energy, reduce operating costs, and improve our nation’s productivity. Energy efficiency should be a major […]

How do variable speed drives save energy/reduce CO2?

Drives reduce the output of an application, such as a pump or a fan, by controlling the speed of the motor ensuring it runs no faster than it needs to.  Many motors are oversized to cope with a maximum demand that rarely occurs.  The drive brings the motor speed down to match the actual demand […]