How can I prove energy saving, before purchasing equipment?

Think before you buy energy saving equipment. Before installing energy saving drives and high-efficiency motors, you’ll need to carefully examine and decide on the system you are going to use. Frank Griffith, a drives consultant with ABB in the UK, offers advice on what to look for. Installing high-efficiency motors and drives can result in […]

If I come across a non-compliant motor what should I do?

Non-compliant products cause real financial losses for motor users in the form of higher energy costs, and they also compromise fair competition among motor manufacturers. It is therefore important that they are removed from the market. If you discover a non-compliant motor within the EU market, it is recommended that you report it to the […]

Who is responsible for market surveillance in the EU?

The individual EU member states are responsible for organizing market surveillance. The states have appointed authorities to carry out surveillance. In Denmark, for example, surveillance is the responsibility of the Danish Energy Agency, which arranges motor testing on a regular basis to verify compliance with the Regulation. Quantum Controls continue to be the UK’s largest […]

Does EU MEPS cover motors rated over 1000 V (HV motors)?

EU MEPS does not apply to motors rated over 1000 V at present. However, the recently finalized LOT 30 preparatory study investigated the potential for further reducing energy consumption by extending the regulations to cover motor types that are not currently included. The study was initiated by the European Commission and it included HV motors. […]

Why was the altitude limit in Regulation EU 4/2014 raised from 1000 to 4000 meters?

It was brought to the attention of the authorities that certain manufacturers were twisting the rules by stamping standard motors with altitudes in excess of 1000 m and so avoiding the IE2 minimum requirements. For practical purposes the new altitude of 4000 m covers all installations within the European Union market area. Quantum Controls continue […]