Does BS EN 61439-2:2009 Electrical Control Panel standard affect contractors?

The fundamental change for contractors is to ensure they specify assemblies in accordance with IEC 61439-2. Contractors should also ensure they provide all the details specified in Annex CC of BS EN 61439-2. Quantum Controls are one of less than 1% of Control Panel Manufacturers in the UK to invest the time and money in fully […]

Does a low quality motor lose efficiency when rewound?

A low quality motor can also be rewound but typically with much greater losses in efficiency, due to lower quality electrical steel used in the stator laminations. The windings can be insulated to different standards; Class F (155°) and Class B (130°) are the most common. Most motors are manufactured with Class F insulation material but […]

What are the characteristics of a good winding?

• Small overhang • High quality grade of copper wire • Good slot fill ratio. The more copper wire in the slot, the better the metalto- metal transfer of heat, and the cooler the running temperature of the motor. • Random winding pattern • High quality slot insulation, impregnation systems and phase insulation systems The […]