Why was there a need for a change in the panel standards?

There are several reasons for change: Designs and market needs for assemblies have evolved over the years, such that IEC 60439-1 no longer encompasses many commonly used arrangements. For example, modular systems are not effectively covered with respect to temperature rise performance.  It is not practical to fully type test every conceivable configuration of assembly […]

Who is responsible for what is relation the the new panel standards?

The new standard requires that application specific assemblies, as most are, must be provided without problems. The various stake holders must focus on their responsibilities, whilst working in a team with all the other parties involved in the process. • Purchasers and specifiers should view an assembly as a ‘black box’ and specify the inputs […]

How do I reduce the required starting current of an AC Motor?

When an AC motor is started “across the line” it takes as much as seven to eight times the motor full-load current to start the motor and load. This current flexes the motor windings and generates heat, which will, over time, reduce the longevity of the motor. An adjustable speed AC Drive starts a motor […]

What has changed between the old panel standards and IEC 61439?

The most obvious change is the structure of the standard. Each generic type of assembly has a product-specific Part within the series of standards. This references applicable clauses within the General Rules and details any specific requirements about the particular generic type of assembly. Any clause in the General Rules that is not called up […]

What does the IEC 61439 actually mean?

Compliance with the new standard is compulsory. All assemblies must be shown to meet minimum safety and performance standards by design and routine verification. Many of the alternatives to type testing rely on interpolation from a tested reference design. Once the European equivalent standard, EN 61439-2 (BS EN 61439-2) has been listed in the Official […]

How can a variable speed drive improve our production?

The variable speed drive can be “tuned” to the application to achieve maximum output of the equipment.  Sometimes this is slightly under the base speed of the motor, and sometimes, it is over the base speed of the motor.  Since every application is different, contact us through an email or phone to discuss your application […]

Quantum Controls Annual Golf Day 2014

Our annual golf day took place for the 4th year running at the amazing Slaley Hall.  After a lot of hard work, stress and planning the day was a huge success and we even had the weather on our side (well for most of it). We would like to thank everyone that took part in […]