Efficiency Loss in Rewound Motors

Quantum Controls saved a utilities company over £15k a year by presenting the facts to them when one of their 160kW motors failed. The utility company supplied services to all the Manufacturing Facilities at Wilton Chemical facility in Middlesbrough. They suffered a failure on a motor running one of their chilled water pumps in the […]

Extra Training Dates Available

Training at quantum is becoming  extremely popular, especially since we have added a specific course for your apprentices. We are now booked up all the way through to January, so we have decided to add a few more dates to avoid disappointment . UK industry needs to empower its engineers and trust their judgement. This […]

UPS Battery Testing

All lead acid batteries, wet or gel, are prone to natural decay. This is caused by metals and acid sharing the same plastic container. Natural degrading is typically about 5% per annum, depending on the type and brand of battery used. It is because of this degradation that you need to check the battery in […]

Shore to Ship Power Solutions

One of the problems the ships have when they dock is that each port might have different frequencies and voltages.  A Quantum Controls Shore-Port-to-Ship Variable Speed Drive is an economical answer to this problem. These ABB Inverter are used to convert frequency, voltage and phases.  The most common frequencies are 50Hz, 60Hz, or 400Hz. Common […]

The Importance of Training

The UK’s  Leading Free Access Blog All engineers need training and support. Most drives at end user plants are not set correctly for energy savings. Site engineers need to keep in touch with their drive supplier to get appropriate training. Quantum recently delivered a training session at a Water Treatment Plant and discussed the flux […]

Apprentice Training Now Available

UK’s Leading Free Access Blog Following many requests from our customers we have devised a specific day long certified course which is specifically for apprentices and provides education on what motors and drives are, how they work, what they can do and best of all hands-on basic programming and fault finding.  If you have an […]

We are recruiting!

Following major growth over the last few years we are continuing to develop, we are continually looking to enhance our operations customer service, to truly offer the best experience when purchasing our products and services, not only within the North East, but throughout the UK. To achieve this we need to grow our team. We’re […]