How can I control acceleration of an AC Motor?

An adjustable speed AC drive starts at zero speed and accelerates smoothly on a customer-adjustable ramp. On the other hand, an AC motor started across the line is a tremendous mechanical shock both for the motor and connected load. This shock will, over time, increase the wear and tear on the connected load, as well […]

Do you know the difference between a Variable Speed Drive and Soft Start?

The difference is the speed that the motor can run when at full speed. With a soft starter, the motor is reduced voltage started, and then when the motor is at full speed, or a timing circuit has timed out, a ‘running by-pass contactor’ pulls in and the motor continues to run at full base […]

What are the benefits of using variable speed drives with diesel generators?

Many essential processes require backup generators to ensure continued operation if the mains supply should fail, or use diesel generators for temporary power supplies. Whilst diesel generators are a vital part of power generation they are not the most environmental friendly option. Generators powering industrial AC induction motors are ideal applications for variable speed drives, […]