Who Invented the Electric Motor?

Timetable 1800 – 1834: First experiments with electromagnetical devices  1800 For the first time Allessandro Volta (Italian) produces a continuous electrical power (as opposed to a spark or static electricity) from a stack of silver and zinc plates. 1820 Hans Christian Oersted (Denish) finds the generation of a magnetic field by electric currents by observation […]

Who invented Squirrel Cage Motors?

Dolivo-Dobrowolsky built the first simple, practically useful three-phase induction motor with squirrel cage rotor. In broad scientific lectures and essays, he explained nature and characteristics of the three-phase current system and three-phase motors … and two years after the construction of his first 1/10 hp induction motor he put a 100-horsepower three-phase motor into normal […]

Who Invented the AC Electric Motor?

In 1888 Nikola Tesla patented an AC induction motor along with other devices for an AC polyphase power transmission system. Tesla’s patents were licensed by George Westinghouse for the AC system he was building and Tesla was hired for one year as a consultant working with Westinghouse engineers on an electric street car project in […]

Who Invented the DC Motor?

In 1886 Frank Julian Sprague invented the first practical DC motor, a non-sparking motor capable of constant speed under variable loads. Other Sprague electric inventions about this time greatly improved grid electric distribution (prior work done while employed by Thomas Edison), allowed power from electric motors to be returned to the electric grid, provided for […]

What is the voltage tolerance on the input for ACS550 & ACS800 Drives?

The input voltage tolerance for all the ABB drives is +-10%, standard operating voltage 380-420 ACS800 and 380-480 ACS550. The output voltage is regulated by the settings in parameter group 99 motor data, this voltage will vary depending on what frequency you are running at. The standard rules apply as regarding sizing of cables etc. […]

Can I supply a Variable Speed Drive with a diesel generator supply?

Many essential processors have backup generators to ensure continued operation if the mains supply should fail. However, if variable speed drives are involved in the process, it is essential to make certain that the drives will still work on the generators supply. If the drives fail to operate the first time emergency power kicks in, […]

What is Quantum Controls Energy Saving Mission statement?

Quantum Controls core energy mission is aimed at demonstrating that there are no technical or other obstacles to a low carbon economy. Quantum has everything at hand to support your organisations with the radical changes in government policy that face our client’s organisations today. We are quickly edging forward on the precipice of a cliff ready to fall towards a climate catastrophe unimagined today, Quantum […]

What are the benefits of using variable speed drives with diesel generators?

Using a variable speed drive to control motors fed by diesel generators reduces the power required by up 40%, this means up to 40% less diesel fuel required to run your generator and a huge potential saving in diesel costs. As a variable speed drive only pulls motor full load current on start up then […]