Where can I find a three phase Electric Motor connection diagram

The full range of ABB motors are available to buy on line from Quantum, for each motor full technical specification and diagrams are available to access Free of charge to you courtesy of Quantum Controls the UK leading ABB motor supplier since 1994. For more information or to discuss your particular application in details call Quantum […]

What is the importance of Speed Control of a DC Motor

Before the advent of more precise control loops in AC drives the DC drive and motor in combination with either tacho or pulse generator feedback was one of (and still remains one of ) the best systems used to control the speed of critical applications. Performance can now be matched with ABB AC technology ‘ Direct […]

Where can I find a manual for ABB ACS800

Quantum controls have created a unique Resources page on our website giving you free access to ABB Drive Manual library including ACS800, ACS550, ACH550, ACS600, ACS400, ACS300, ACS200. Click here to  find videos, user crib sheets and much more. For more information or to discuss your particular application in details call Quantum Controls on 0330 9000 247 or sales@quantum-controls.co.uk

Can Variable Speed Drives be used on generator supplies?

Many borehole pumps are used in rural areas or in applications where reliability of the supply is of high importance, and are fed by generators either permanently or as a backup. Special care must be taken in this case. Maximum allowable voltage dip at starting and continuous run must be specified by the drive manufacturer. […]

Is remote monitoring available with ABB Drives?

It is difficult to get access to submersible pump motors once they have been installed and inspection may not be possible. The motors are often equipped with sensors to enable remote condition monitoring, which must operate without disturbance from the drive. Monitoring of motor winding temperatures is particularly important, as ageing and lifetime are closely […]

What is recommended method of installing drives on submersible pumps?

Good practice installation technique involves ensuring the lowest possible impedance path on the shield connection to ground. In submersible motors, this principle is implemented automatically as the water around the housing provides a perfect EMC shield and equalizes the electric potential of all metal construction elements. The drive is installed as a piece of wall […]

Do Drives need better motor insulation?

Using a variable speed drive enables gentle starting of the pump system, potentially extending the life of the motor. However, it is important that the motor is suitable for variable speed drive operation. Variable speed operation puts a higher voltage stress on the motor insulation system and it is recommended to have either reinforced insulation […]