If I go for the calculation route to comply to BS EN 61439-2:2009 Electrical Control Panel standard, where are the formulae?

All the design rules and formulae are either included in the new Standard or included in documents that are referenced in the Standard. Quantum Controls are one of less than 1% of Control Panel Manufacturers in the UK to invest the time and money in fully complying the new BS EN 61439-2:2009 Electrical Control Panel […]

How should I change my approach to ensure compliance of BS EN 61439-2:2009 Electrical Control Panel standard?

A competent and diligent assembly manufacturer/builder will not have to make significant changes in their approach to the provision of assemblies. The new standard requires a logical approach to the design and verification of an assembly that is essentially present good practice. Where previously partially type tested assemblies or assemblies outside of the scope of […]

When will BS EN 61439-2:2009 Electrical Control Panel standard actually be enforced?

Once published, a new IEC Standard becomes the current issue.However, a reasonable period of time to migrate from one IEC standard to the next is normally accepted. European and British Standard usually have a defined period during which the old and new standards are both considered current. This ‘grace period’ will be known once BS […]

Who is ultimately responsible to ensure the new BS EN 61439-2:2009 Electrical Control Panel standard is met?

Ultimate responsibility is established via the contract and usually rests with the party selling the assembly to the purchaser. However, a panel builder may work in partnership with an original manufacturer and pass down some of his responsibility via a subcontract. Quantum Controls are one of less than 1% of Control Panel Manufacturers in the […]

Who is responsible for what with new Control Electrical Control Panel BS EN 61439-2:2009?

The new standard requires that application specific assemblies, as most are, must be provided without problems. The various stake holders must focus on their responsibilities, whilst working in a team with all the other parties involved in the process. Purchasers and specifiers should view an assembly as a ‘black box’ and specify the inputs and […]

Does boosting pipeline pressure save energy?

The sleep and boost function runs a pump to boost the pressure or water level prior to shut down. This extends the pump’s sleep time and therefore saves energy. It also avoids unnecessary starting and stopping, and helps to flush the pipelines. The challenge Most clean water pumping systems experience changes in demand, but even […]

Birmingham Children’s Hospital win Quantum’s 2nd quarter energy award

Birmingham Children’s hospital have won the energy award for ‘best energy saving installation’ for the 2nd quarters in Quantum Control’s C02 reducing project. We supplied 55 ABB HVAC Variable Speed Drives, 11 ABB IE2 motors, full installation and commissioning of all systems. The project had delivered £55k per annum energy saving for the Hospital. Click […]