Martin Gibbon from Wavin Ltd wins 1st quarter energy award

Martin Gibbon, the engineering manager at Wavin Ltd, asked ABB Motor Service Partner, Quantum Controls, to look at the energy use of his extruders and recommend options for cutting the company’s energy consumption. The extruders were running in a DC drive system which drew a load whether it was required or not, because DC motors […]

Quantum Controls’ Annual Golf Day July 2011

Quantum Controls’ Annual Golf Day was held on the 14th July at Slaley Hall and was a great success.   There were some very impressive scores and a great day all round on both the Hunting Course and the Priestman Course. Here are a selection of photos from the event… …and the winners are Overall Winner […]

Reduce tank maintance costs with ABB’s built in level control

Abb’s built in level control prevents sediment build-up by randomly varying the surface level within a preset range. Using ABB drives’ level control, tank and pipes can be kept clean using a “flush effect” which rapidly pumps water through the tank and pipes. Level control eliminates the need for a control valve, bypassing piping and […]

Does EU MEPS cover motors intended for VSD use?

Motors produced for VSD duty only (motors that cannot be run DOL), such as permanent magnet motors, are not covered and do not need an IE marking. Motors that are specifically designed for VSD duty and rated for S9 duty* only are excluded from the regulation. In case motors are rated for S1 duty* they […]

Does EU MEPS apply to ‘dual purpose’ smoke extraction motors?

The answer depends on the type of motor: – Yes, if the motor can be tested by the motor manufacturer at rated power and normal ambient with its own fan. This type of motor is covered by EU MEPS and must have the correct IE markings as of 16 June 2011. – No, if the […]

As of 16 June 2011, are distributors or OEMs allowed to sell IE1 motors put into their stock previous to that date?

Yes, the EU legislation is not retroactive. These motors can be sold provided that they were put into stock or into the distribution chain before 16 June 2011. Products legally placed on the market can stay on the market and still be sold to the end-user and put into service. Send your enquiries to

What does EU MEPS mean by ‘placed on the market or put into service’?

The way these concepts should be understood is that ‘placing on the market’ (making a product available for the first time on the EU market) and ‘putting into service’ (first ABB Motors and Generators | EU MEPS for low voltage electric motors 5 use of a product for its intended purpose by an end-user in […]

Can a motor be rewound and still be used after 16 June 2011?

EU MEPS does not regulate rewinding. As long as the motor has been placed on the market or put into service prior to 16 June 2011 it does not have to meet the minimum efficiency requirements. This means that when a motor fails the user has the normal choice between rewinding and replacement. Even though […]

Can a motor without IE marking be placed on the European market after 16 June 2011?

No. Motors placed on the market on 16 June 2011 or after must have the IE marking. Even if the motor was ordered before 16 June 2011 it cannot be delivered without the IE marking after 16 June 2011. ABB will roll out the new IE rated motors into all central stocks in time for […]

If a motor is rated for altitudes in excess of 1000m does it fall within the scope of EU MEPS?

Yes, if the motor is of a standard type but de-rated for operation at altitudes in excess of 1000m. No, if the motor has a special design (winding, fan, grease, etc.) for operation in excess of 1000m. Send your motors enquiry to