Who can provide a Uninterrupted Power Supply (UPS) battery testing service?

Battery set replacement prevention

We provide a UPS battery testing service to keep your battery installation at optimum condition. If detected quickly, a relatively simple single block replacement or adjustment of charging characteristics can prevent the need for a costly battery set replacement.

If you use a multimeter to check the voltage of a battery then you should expect the result to be inaccurate because a bad battery may also show a good voltage. This means the battery will fail under a load test!  In order to thoroughly test the efficiency, you need to apply a load to the battery. With this test you will know that the battery is in a good working condition.

Benefits of load bank testing your batteries are:

  • Having total confidence in critical power supply integrity.
  • Battery discharge testing for accurate, effective and low cost proof of battery integrity and autonomy.
  • Engineer controlled tests tailored to your requirements, ensures no unnecessary testing.
  • Out of hours testing can be arranged to help minimise disruption to client operations.
  • Mobile AC and DC load banks of any size available, allowing testing of any installation anywhere within the UK.
  • Fully documented procedures ensuring full traceability of all test events and actions.

After performing UPS battery testing, we undertake load-bank, discharge and impedance testing which enables us to see the true performance of your batteries in their current state. A written report is issued highlighting any areas of concern together with any recommendations.

To arrange a survey simply send your details to sales@quantum-controls.co.uk

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