What data must be show on an AC Motor nameplate?

From June 16th 2011, the following information must be shown on the motor rating plate and in motor documentation: Lowest nominal efficiency at 100%, 75% and 50% rated load Efficiency level (IE2 or IE3) Year of manufacture In addition EU MEPS lists information that has to be shown in motor technical documentation and on manufacturers’ […]

Are hazardous area and marine motors included in EU MEPS?

No. The EU MEPS scheme does not cover all the types of motor covered by IEC 60034-30. Some motors (such as hazardous area and brake motors) are included in IEC 60034-30 but excluded from EU MEPS. Marine motors are excluded from EU MEPS because they are designed for ambient temperatures higher than 40°C, as required […]

Can I compare efficiency values from different manufacturers?

Yes, but only if the efficiency values are based on the same testing method. Manufacturers’ documentation must show which testing method has been used.

Is there a grace period after June 2011 to adapt to the new EU MEPS requirements?

No. In fact, the grace period runs from July 2009 to June 2011. The three-stage introduction from June 2011 onwards is intended to allow all manufacturers, in particular small and medium-size producers, to adapt to the new requirements.

When I purchase a motor, how can I be sure that it meets the requirements of EU MEPS?

Compliance with the efficiency standards is verified by testing. Each EU member state will police the verification procedures and implementation according to EU MEPS.

Are manufacturers allowed to produce IE1 motors after June 2011?

Standard efficiency (IE1) motors may no longer be placed on the European market as of June 16th, 2011. By then all new motors will have to meet the IE2 (high efficiency) rating in Europe. The regulations do not apply outside Europe, however. Therefore it will be possible for manufacturers to produce IE1 motors for markets […]

What motors are covered by the new EU MEPS legislation?

EU MEPS covers 2-, 4- and 6-pole single speed, three-phase induction motors in the power range 0.75 to 375 kW, rated up to 1000 V and on the basis of continuous duty operation. The following types of motor are excluded: motors designed to operate wholly immersed in a liquid; motors completely integrated into a product […]